Life's A Trip . . . I'm Thrilled To Be A Guide

By Michelle Woodward, guest blogger

Life is a trip. There are over 7 billion of us humans having multidimensional experiences on this alive, blue-green ball spinning through space among over 100 billion galaxies in this Universe. Whaaaaat? How do we do life successfully, with self-expression, creativity and love and live the life we feel called to? Well THAT is exactly what I have been curious about the majority of my life!

My way into this life experience was through an affair my birth mother had. The complex circumstances around her life and the relationship were not good. The pregnancy I was coming in on was almost terminated until an Angel came to my birth mother in a dream and told her I had to be born. She was so moved by the dream; the next day she took action to arrange for an adoption. I was adopted at 3 months of age. My young family life was impacted by trauma and drama due to alcoholism, addiction, abuse, religious hypocrisy, patriarchy, misogyny, cancer, lack of education, poverty and more.

At age three I knew more than anyone that age should apparently know. The neighborhood adults named me CIA. I was encouraged to “keep my mouth shut” after a while. I knew I was different and couldn’t make sense of the life choices, attitudes, habits, addictions others were experiencing. I had an insatiable appetite to uncover the secrets and explanations so I could live the way I envisioned separate from the doctrine, limitations and impact of their ways.

No sugar-coating it, the first 20+ years of my life were hard. I was highly sensitive, psychic, intuitive, and empathetic in a pretty violent world that I didn’t understand. I knew I had to find a way to heal the wounds, change the patterns and develop conscious relationships that actually worked. I set out on a quest.

It’s ALL Energy! I’ve been actively exploring human potential, metaphysics, mysticism and energetic medicine for over 25 years now. I saw similar threads throughout cultures, religions and esoteric wisdom traditions. Then I continued onto cultural anthropology, cosmology, Angels, neuroscience, quantum physics, non-physical phenomena and more. The more I would learn and encounter the more excited I would become at the awareness that at the root of it ALL is ENERGY! I could work with this basic element!

During my 20’s I tried various conventional therapy methods to overcome this annoying discomfort I had in my stomach and the destructive patterns I would repeat in my life based on a belief that I was unworthy and unlovable. I suspected it stemmed from my adoption but not matter how long I participated in therapy it never scratched the itch. NOT EVEN close. The integrative MD that helped me become symptom free from fibromyalgia (oh yeah I had autoimmune disease too) referred me to a colleague who has since become my mentor. This was my introduction to Energy Medicine and Emotional Release. Instantly she identified the issue - not only on a conscious level but the unconscious informed the conscious – It was AWESOME! She guided me to clear trapped emotions and after the session I felt lighter, the world was brighter and more Technicolor. I had a resurgence of energy that had been missing in my life and spirit. I had to know more and understand this and share this with the world and help those that I could along the way!

I experience working on the energetic level as a roundabout way that bypasses our conscious resistance. The intuition feels the spot, the coach in me names it and the energy practitioner in me helps guide you through the process so that we walk away from our connection feeling clear, empowered and supported with practical tools and next steps.

One of my favorite parts of coaching is when we look at who you are and why you are here on an energetic level – many of us have bought into a less than true story of who we are and forgotten why we are here. It’s my honor to help you remember YOU are AWESOME and A MIRACLE!

I’m Thrilled to Be a Guide! In roundabout ways the Universe got me to The Coaches Training Institute so I would offer my newfound wisdom and gifts professionally. I have been a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) for over 13 years now and I LOVE IT! I am also a Reiki Master and I love energetic tools for transformation. I am a lifelong learner and use my life as a laboratory so I can share my ‘best of tips’ to help accelerate your evolution.
One of my psychic gifts is that I am claircognizant which means I just know stuff. I have access like google. A few of my friends that know me well call me Mishoogle instead of Michelle. Even Gallop’s strength finder test identifies me as Connectedness, Strategic, Futuristic, Positivity, and Input (aka collect info). I collect information so that I can use it/share it in a meaningful way for a specific result/intention/transformation that uplifts humanity, making the world a better, kinder place expanding love and hope wherever I go. My clients benefit from this.

The intentional and conscious living I offer is a fresh paradigm that returns your power and responsibility for your life. From this empowered place you can begin to reimagine what’s possible for your life as you begin to experience yourself as an energetic being, a soul having a physical experience on a planet Earth. When you know more about the field in which we are playing / evolving / doing this thing called life, you have more tools to craft the live you were born to live. Quickly meaning and priorities shift. Beliefs are examined and updated. The inner calling of your soul is suddenly audibly louder. You realize you are not alone on this journey through the synchronicity that appears. You are reminded the universe is a benevolent multidimensional place. Once the basis of energy is understood you engage in the ART OF TRANSFORMATION which has endless possibilities!

Come adventure into the world of subtle energy with me! I offer private coaching and energy intuitive work in-person (Kirkland, WA), Skype and phone. Visit for workshops, classes and events or contact Michelle Woodward at 425.230.7799 or