Can You Tap, Tap, Tap Your Troubles Away?

By John Freedom, guest blogger

EFT Tapping is gaining in popularity in self-help, personal growth and alternative health. You may have seen it on Oprah or Dr. Oz or The View on television or YouTube. Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a revolutionary new method for rapidly resolving emotional distress and trauma, simply by tapping acupoints. It has become an internet phenomenon, as thousands of people around the world are tapping to relieve aches and pains, fears and phobias, anxiety and depression, and traumas and PTSD. Tapping is also being used to lose weight, eliminate food and drug cravings, enhance peak performance and build greater confidence and self-esteem. EFT has been called ‘the people’s therapy,’ because it is a simple, self-healing technique that anyone can do. It’s also always available --- literally at our finger tips.

In my opinion, EFT is one of the breakthroughs in psychology and personal growth of our time. One of the leaders in this field, Dr. Dawson Church, has said that “EFT is probably one of the most important developments in personal growth, since the Buddha taught meditation.” It can be helpful to recognize that all issues ---- even legal, financial and medical ---- are emotional issues. By gently tapping acupoints while focusing on the fear, stress or ‘resistance,’ the issue gently releases and shifts ----- often with profound results.

I have been successfully treating people since I learned EFT in 1998. One student had bitten her nails every day for years ---- until she tapped with me in one of my classes for about 20 minutes. Another had a persistent stutter following a stroke 11 years earlier. Others had chronic back pain, shoulder pain, eczema, sciatica, panic attacks, etc. In one class three women had allergies ---- to cat dander, to flowers and to strawberries. All of these cleared up ---- permanently ----- after a few minutes of tapping.

Dawson Church and colleagues conducted a research study treating 59 military vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They treated the vets with tapping ---- over the telephone ------ using coaches (rather than licensed therapists). The group had an 86% success rate; these results held at a six month follow up. (You may know that PTSD is a HUGE issue for the servicemen and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan; some experts consider PTSD to be ‘incurable.’) Recent research studies are documenting EFT’s effectiveness for anxiety, depression, pain, food cravings, trauma and PTSD.

Please note that EFT is not a panacea; as with any method or technique, results will vary. But it is a broad-spectrum technique, that is effective for a wide range of problems and issues. There are numerous books, articles, videos and websites teaching EFT. For more information, visit, or

John Freedom, CEHP, is a counselor, educator and trainer in private practice in Santa Rosa, California. The author of Heal Yourself with Emotional Freedom Technique, he serves as research coordinator for ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology; and project coordinator for FREA, Finding Recovery and Empowerment from Abuse. He holds certifications in EFT, NLP, EMDR and auricular acupuncture, and specializes in helping clients experience greater success, happiness and high-level wellness in all areas of their lives. A former radio talk-show host and magazine editor, he leads seminars and trainings throughout the US and in Europe. For more information, visit and