Negative Consistency

By Becky MacGregor, guest blogger

Consistency It’s the one thing you can count on to make a change. For better or for worse. If you do anything consistently you will get a result.

I usually harp on consistency as it relates to the positive: 
  • If you consistently go to an exercise class you will get stronger, see body changes and get results
  • If you consistently drink more water, cut hidden sugar and processed foods, and eat more vegetables and fruit -  You will crave sugar less and feel better – You may even lose weight! 

Consistency is any reliable, steady, constant, unswerving action or NON action…

You can also consistently not go to class- not exercise-not choose to move more.
You can consistently choose to eat poorly by not cutting portion size, buying sugar laden breakfast cereal, fake ‘energy’ bars, candy, or Doritos…

You can steadily, constantly choose negative behaviors

Over time those regular actions you choose will get a result – The question is, what kind of result do you want? Fitness, health, an active life? Or, sickness, injury and an inactive life?