Cherish Good Friends

A couple of weeks ago my "Sunday Sistas" came to visit me in Napa Valley. We had a fabulously fun weekend of wine tasting, good food, beach time, and lots of laughs.
What started out as a group of church ladies blossomed into my best friends forever. We have been together through three divorces, two weddings, cancer, job losses, road trips, and one of them even turned into a biker chick! No matter what, we've stayed together through great times and hard times.

Good friends are hard to come by. I've lived all over this country from Georgia to Hawaii to Maryland to New Mexico to California. I've met many people through college, military life, single parenthood, corporate life, politics and education. 

I've experienced diversity, prejudice, kindness, and love. I've made a lot of friends and I've lost some, too. Through it all, I've learned how to be a best friend by listening to them, showing up for them, hugging them and staying in touch with them. What I know now more than anything else, is to cherish my friendships!

(photos by Marita Noon)